What we do

With an experienced team based in the Caribbean, Deep Blue Cable has a first-hand understanding of the need for advanced telecom services throughout the islands.

Meeting demand

Caribbean bandwidth pricing remains among the highest in the world. By ensuring competitive pricing and resilience through alternative supply, Deep Blue Cable will release Caribbean-based companies from decades-old agreements that favour the operator allowing the Caribbean islands to draw closer together and become better connected to the world.

Looking to the future

Over the next ten years a number of the region’s existing cables will reach the end of their design life. In-service fibre-optic cables of the type used by Deep Blue are proving exceptionally robust with far less signal degradation over time than previously experienced with full design life likely to extend to 35 years. Utilizing a state of the art infrastructure Deep Blue Cable has got the future covered.

Compared to North American and European telecommunications markets, there remains significant growth potential across the Caribbean for higher penetration of fixed and mobile broadband services.