About Us

Despite all of the technological advancements, two-way radios – better known as good-old walkie-talkies – are still the best way to communicate off-grid. The problem is, there thousands of two-way, Ham, and short wave radios out there for you to choose from. 


Not only that, but new technology is becoming more and more complicated. Things that were considered modern a decade ago are now obscure. If you’ve never a two-way radio before, you probably have no idea where to start, correct? That’s what The Radio Judge will help you with. 


Who Are We?


The Radio Judge is your online resource for walkie-talkies, Ham radios, and satellite messengers. Our staff members have more than a decade of experience in the radio industry, in sales, service, and installation. 


That experience allows our members to provide you with all of the information you need to know about two-way communication equipment. We have both product knowledge and offering to meet all of your radio needs. 


What Do We Do?


There’s plenty of high-quality radio equipment out there. If you choose carefully, your radio equipment and radio accessories can last you for a lifetime. There are even cheap two way radios that you’ll be able to use for more than a decade. You just need to pick carefully. 


Here at The Radio Judge, we provide readers with in-depth reviews of walkie talkies. We talk about two-way radio pros and cons. All in an effort to give our readers a basic understanding of the modern two-way radio technology. 


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What Can We Help You With?


What can we do for an aspiring two-way radio enthusiast? Our radio equipment reviews are catered for casual users. They’re accessible to anyone interested in two-way radios. That’s why our writers try to use technical terms as little as possible. 


Whether you need a two-way radio for business or leisure purposes, The Radio Judge is here to help you. Our reviews look at some of the best two-way radio manufactures and give you honest, objective opinions that will guide your purchasing decisions.